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Not your typical office hours


Unlike typical office hours, anyone is welcome to join Professor Joe Perret, every Monday morning at 8 a.m. in front of Freudian Sip, for casual conversation and academic advice.

The open environment takes the edge off of students and allows them to open up on numerous topics.

On Monday, March 3, a student named Michael Gilliland joined Perret. Gilliland is not a student of Perret’s, but he happened to see his sign in front of Freudian and decided to join him for coffee.

“Never have I ever heard of a professor just sitting out and having coffee with students,” Gilliland said. “I like the idea of casual conversation, because that’s when people learn the most.”

The group covered a broad range of topics. Some things talked about were people with handicap disabilities, the events taking place in the Ukraine, healthcare and the assignments going on in Perret’s classes.

Perret has been hosting this event for four years now. He is a professor in the Computer Applications Department at Pierce College and also teaches skiing to handicapped people in his spare time.

“I really like getting to know my students,” said Perret. The hour he takes out of his day each week, helps him to understand his students on another level. This has had a positive effect when he teaches in the classroom.

“Because they connect with me, there is more of a tendency for them to communicate earlier on,” Perret said.

This activity Perret participates in, eliminates communication problems and opens the door for his students to feel free to talk to him at any time.

Another attendee this past Monday, was Perret’s student from his Internet of Business class, Linda Ressegieu. After being able to attend Monday’s “Coffee with the Professor,” Ressegieu shared how she feels about it.

“I think this is going to open [our class] up and it shows that he really wants to mingle with us,” Ressegieu said.

None of her other teachers have given her an opportunity like this.

Persistence is key. Although not every sessionĀ is successful, Perret continues to sit out every Monday morning to give his opportunity to all students. He welcomes everyone with open arms. Feel free to join in next Monday, March 10 at 8 a.m.