Robotics in radio

A student’s goal is to find their future, but Casey Spencer is building his.

From hand crafting drones to discussing the latest technology on his show, Spencer seeks to be on the cutting edge of new technology.

The robotics junkie went from spending the majority of his time in the library to constructing quadcopters and hosting a radio show called “The Memory Dump.”

Also, Spencer is the treasurer of the Robotics Club and a freelance information technologist.

Spencer exhibited traits of creativity from an early age.

“As a child, I remember my parents always trying to hide the scotch tape from me so I would stop making my weekly box forts,” Spencer said.

The drive to create didn’t stop there. One of his most recent creations is a quadcopter, which includes a pair of goggles that give an aerial view through a wirelessly connected camera attached to the drone.

During Club Rush, Spencer used the quadcopter to do flyovers around other booths and students to draw attention to the Robotics Club.

“Initially, I was inspired when I went on YouTube and saw drone enthusiasts’ creations of their aero technology low flyovers and thought, ‘If these people can build things from nothing, why can’t I,’” Spencer said.

Spencer’s creativity further developed when he became a member of the Robotics club in 2011.

“He is really responsible, has a great mind and is really dedicated,” said Yiran Tong, president of the Robotics Club.  “When I asked him if he would be interested in being president, I knew he could do the job because of his experience. He has been with the club for two years and he has a lot of potential.”

During his time with the Robotics Club, he was asked to co-host “The Memory Dump,” a show that speaks about consumer technology and the history of science technology.

“People always told me I had a radio voice and that I should go into voice acting, so when I got the part I was excited. I had always wanted to do it but always thought it would be a back up plan or side project,” Spencer said.  “With everything else I was doing, it seemed perfect.”

Spencer cultivated many friendships during his time at the Robotics Club and from hosting his radio show.

“I have been friends with Casey for almost two years. We share similar interests and he has even got me into the radio station to co-host with him,” Robotics Club member Simon Tutak said. “He is a positive influence.”

Patience seems to be Spencer’s path to success, as noted by his friends and other members of the Robotics Club.

“He takes his time with everything. He gets it right the first time too. It’s kind of embarrassing for me,” said Nima Ganjehloo, an electrical engineering major and member of the Robotics Club.

Depending on whether or not Spencer decides to transfer, he will continue to host “The Memory Dump” and may consider to take the title of being club president for the Robotics Club if offered again.

His experiences so far have allowed him to meet and network with billionaires and confirm a passion for aero technology and radio hosting.

“To me, they were my creations. Even though my parents always encouraged me to continue, they always made sure they had their secret stash of tape for themselves.”