Center for Academic Success offers tutoring internship

Students on campus have the opportunity to apply for the Brahma Internship program that is allowing students to work one-on-one with an assigned professor, according to Crystal Kiekel,the director of the Center for Academic Success.

The Brahma Internship program will help students gain educational experience about a field or in a direct study.

“Students have a really deep connection with the faculty members,” Keikel said.  “Faculty members really want to see their students be successful.”

Having an instructor in mind when planning an internship is a useful tool in finding yourself a mentor.  It can help speed the process of finding an internship and the faculty member can begin to plan their lectures and assignments with an intern.

Although the internship program is unpaid, it is offered every semester to Pierce College students and the applications can be found through Kiekel’s office located in the Center for Academic Success.

Jose Gallardo, a former student of Kiekel’s, shared his current experience as an intern by expressing his new outlook towards professors as they look toward their students to participate in class.

“I learn from them,” Gallardo said.  “Some of them really have something good to say and I get a different perspective on what they have to say.”

For Gallardo, his proudest moments are when they ask questions.

“I can relate with them and see what they see,” Gallardo said.

Interns help faculty with one-on-one tutoring and small grouping during their required 10 hours of volunteered time.

The internship will help students gain experience in three different areas throughout the semester, including course embedded tutoring that requires an intern to attend the faculty members classes.

Traditional tutoring  is also required from interns at either the Center for Academic Success or at another supervised area on campus.

Interns also work on completing a footprint project that will help their faculty mentors  improve future courses for their students arranged by the instructor.

Students interested in becoming an intern are required to submit their fingerprints to Sacramento and then processed through the district before beginning the internship program.

All interns are also required to take a nine hour training course that is divided into three separate workshops titled “Tutoring Technique Strategies,” “Mentoring and Learning Strategies,” and “Diversity Training.”

Iona DeLaTorre a previous intern for Brian Walsh, the chair of the history department said it’s a great experience.

“It’s flexible around a students schedule,” DeLaTorre said. “The sky is the limit.”