Scooby’s corner: unionizing athletes

The future is at stake for college athletics, and it is happening in Illinois where  football players at Northwestern University are unionizing and trying to reap the benefits that are given to numerous Division I schools.

How is this in relation to Pierce one may ask?  In its recent history of having athletics, Pierce College has proven that it can get players out of the community college level and make them ready to play against national competition. Players like former wide receiver Jaelen Strong, now at Arizona State and linebacker Marcus Jenkins Moore, now at Kansas University and most recently tight end Isaac Ijalana are coming into this new world of  athletics and academics.

If what happens at Northwestern University comes to fruition and players get a chance to be compensated not just in getting a scholarship, but getting paid as employees of the institution that they play for, players at Pierce College need to be prepared for what lies ahead.

One thing needs to be made clear: The NCAA  is a billion dollar industry that reaps the benefits of making money, not just in television but in merchandising including shirts, jerseys and video games. Texas University, the top Division I school in terms of revenue, makes over 163 million dollars a year. The NCAA as a whole has an income of 871.6 million dollars.

With all this money laying around and being gathered, the players that play should have a fair share in the money that is being made.  They are the ones that play the game and generate the revenue and provide entertainment to the countless fans that watch these games.

As Pierce College is one of the schools that is renown for getting competitive athletes to play at these big schools, it should be the coaches and counselors’ jobs to prepare for what lies ahead. That means getting them financially sound but also showing these players what they can have and what is afforded to them.

As the wheel continues to turn at Northwestern, the decision could ultimately change the scene of college sports. Athletes now have a future and possibly a guarantee that not only will they be given a scholarship, but the right to be compensated for putting on the pads Saturday night to help generate revenue for the school.  Pierce College, as a school that helps propel athletes to get them to these levels. needs to be aware of  what is happening. The scene could change and the Brahmas athletic community needs to be prepared.