Sheriffs create safety awareness video with student participation

A casting call has been released by the Los Angeles County Sheriffs’ Department Video Production unit for a public service film that will portray violent scenes of an active shooter attack.

An estimated 50-70 people will play “panicked students” during the filming which takes place at LA Valley College, April 8 through April 10 and is in association with the college and the Community College Bureau.

Prop weapons will be used during filming along with “blanks”and “blood effects”. Residents in the area should be prepared for the sounds of simulated gunfire and panic as the film will be depicting  a violent school shooting.

Volunteers are asked to give a two-day commitment but the request is not obligatory. A meal will be provided during the filming for cast and crew.

The announcement originated via the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Community College Bureau’s official Twitter account @CollegesLASD. Anyone seeking further information or interested in volunteering is asked to visit