Center for Academic Success aids student struggles

Many tools and resources are available for students to succeed on campus.

The Center for Academic Success’ (CAS) main goal is to achieve academic success for students. They are committed in helping students achieve their individual goals. Race, age, physical ability and gender does not determine a student’s eligibility for help.

The new Center for Academic Success building is located under the Library/Learning Crossroads under the stairs. Inside is a well-organized building with lots of chairs for students to receive help or study.

Each table is labeled according to the different school subjects: mathematics, English, science, and philosophy. Tutors are available for about two hours to help students with any questions they might have.

The Pierce College Center for Academic Success helps students reach their goals by providing hands-on tutoring. They provide students with one-on-one direct tutoring for the students.

Director of the Center for Students Success Crystal Kiekel said that she thinks it’s great for students.

“I really feel that in our hearts,” Kiekel said.

There are paid and volunteer tutors in the center that cover the subjects. The Center for Academic Success will be here for many years to come, according to Kiekel.

“The Center for Academic success is a permanent part of the school’s budget,” Kiekel said.

Crystal finished off by saying that there are graduating student tutors, Brahma internships, and a mentor at hand for one-on-one help.

“We also have English and math placement help to boost up the students’ scores,” Kiekel said.

Nicholas Ross, a masters of social work intern for the CAS director, said it provides individualized tutoring for mostly every subject they teach on campus.

“The CAS has private meetings to promote academic success,” Ross said.

He added that the CAS prides itself on tutor mastery, including extensive tutor training.

“Our overall goal is to increase academic success with our community,” Ross said, adding that they do that by providing students with academic support and guidance.

According to Ross, rush hour occurs between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. and he is enthusiastic about how Pierce has the resources to help their students succeed.

“I have never seen a college more proactive for student success in my life,” Ross said.

Tutors at hand are there to help for whatever questions students would like to ask. Eydin Dorri, a 25-year-old philosophy major and tutor, said he feels the students’ struggles.

“I feel like I sometimes go through the struggle with them,” Dorri said. “Philosophy is tackling someone else’s facts.”

He said that philosophy could be a very hard subject for any student to tackle. The needs of students that he tutors vary from midterm examinations to finals preparations.

“I do wish that students would come by a lot during the semester, even if they already know the subjects. It’s good practice,” Dorri said.

Pierce student Kassi Carrillo said she finds the CAS a very helpful environment.

“It is way better than the other one, which use to be located near the bungalow area,” Carrillo said.

She comes for tutoring at least two to three times a week, and says each tutor’s schedule varies and can be checked at the front desk.

“It helps you with your classes, especially when there are tutors around to help you,” Carrillo said. “They are very helpful and they are well-organized.”