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Faculty Gala Committee invites faculty to Pierce Idol

The end of the school year can come as a relief to students and faculty alike.

For faculty, there are no more papers to grade, no more assignments to give out.

“The Faculty Gala will give faculty a time to socialize and relax,” said Kaycea Campbell, a member of the Faculty Gala Committee.

On Tuesday, June 10 from 3 – 5 p.m., faculty are invited to participate in “Pierce Idol” in the Great Hall. Themed as a spin off the popular television show “American Idol,” faculty will be able to perform songs on the stage.

“We try to keep the theme fresh,” Campbell said. “We try to pick something that relates to popular culture.”

Faculty members who have paid their senate dues can attend.

“The senate dues help pay for the gala,” committee member Beth Benne said.

In addition to the performances, some faculty members will be presented with special awards.

“We are going to honor faculty who have been here for ten years. That’s new this year,” Benne said.

Retirees will also be awarded at the gala.

Every year, the Faculty Gala Committee at Pierce plans a party for the faculty on the day of graduation. The party will begin immediately after the student awards brunch and end just before the graduation ceremony.

There are six professors that have signed up to perform, though the list of names has not been released, said Lila Snow, chair of the Faculty Committee.

“There are so many professors here who have talent. They don’t really get a chance to show off their talents. This will really give them a chance to showcase their talents,” Campbell said.

Campbell had a promotional video trailer setup, which was emailed to faculty. The trailer was set up to look like an actual commercial advertising the gala.

Last year, the Faculty Gala Committee planned a disco theme because most of the faculty members who were retiring were from the 1970s, said Benne.

“Faculty can show off their talent or they can poke fun at talent,” Benne said.

Immediately after the gala, faculty will head over to Rocky Young Park to participate in the graduation ceremony.

“It’s going to be a real hoot,” Benne said.

Faculty members who wish to attend can RSVP with Stacy Longmore at slongmore@gmail.com.

Meghan McGillicuddyhttps://profiles.google.com/114883900965483840926/about
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