Pros and Cons: Cons to taking summer classes

Some students may be uncertain as to whether or not they should take summer classes. There could be some advantages to completing classes during the summer, but for the most part, summer should be a time of rest and relaxation.

The summer schedule for Pierce College is already online, and many have already registered. By now, a lot of classes can be full and students may find themselves disappointed that they did not jump on registration quickly enough, but maybe it’s not such a bad thing.

Summer session is much shorter than the standard 16-week sessions in the spring and fall semesters. There are three different options for summer session:  a five week session between June 16 and July 19, an eight week session between June 16 and August 9, and another five week session between July 21 and August 23.

Summer classes are more intense and fast-paced. Many classes meet four days a week for three hours at a time.

A student doesn’t necessarily need to overwhelm themselves with more school. If a student really has a need to be productive, they can find a summer job or maybe even an internship in the field they wish to persue.  Having an internship, even if it’s unpaid, can look great on a resume.

Other students may want to focus on getting a paid job for the summer. This can enable them to pay for classes, books, supplies, etc. during the school  year.

Summer is a great time to travel and have an opportunity one might not otherwise receive.

Not only can students travel abroad, but they can travel within California or even Los Angeles. Los Angeles is home to several theme parks that may offer summer specials to locals and students.

There are other places students can enjoy within Los Angeles. Walking along the streets of Hollywood is another great example. People come from all over the world to famous landmarks like the El Capitan and Pantages theaters.

Also along Hollywood Boulevard is the Walk of Fame, showing actors and actresses who have earned a star on the strip. It can be fun to see the names of famous actors.

So relax, take a vacation. See some of the sites of Los Angeles or travel. Go camping, hang out at the beach with friends, see a movie, and visit with friends and family. Students deserve a break after working so hard throughout the year.