Bookstore decreases prices on clothes for end-of-semester sale

Students, friends, family and faculty can now take advantage of a sale at the Pierce College bookstore, with clothes and general items ranging from 20 to 30 percent off.

The bookstore staff strongly recommend that students come to the store to purchase a t-shirt or hoodie and more. Pierce Bookstore Senior Cashier Shant Varozian said that all proceeds will got to the school.

“This is something for the students. We really can’t do these often because of the low funding we have,” Varozian said.

The sale will continue through the end of the semester until June 20.

“This sale will go for a month long period, and will also last into about the first week of summer session,” Varozian said.

With regular prices hoodies go for $45, Pierce College t-shirts at $15, long sleeve polo shirts at $32 and blouses going as low as $15. The discount will make a huge difference lowering the prices for about $9.

Another Bookstore Cashier Gabby Ramos said that students have been coming in the store to purchase clothing.

“On average yes they will come and purchase about two to three items, but mainly one at least,” Ramos said.

She added that they have been buying hoodies for the upcoming fall season.

“They have also been buying t-shits for the summer season as well,” Ramos said.

Pierce student Michael Nacpil, 20, a sociology major said that he will diffidently purchase a shirt for the lowered price.

“I would get a shirt. Why not? It’s on sale,” Nacpil said.

Nacpil thinks that the in-store discounts will attract a lot of costumers. “It will make students want to come because everything is mostly half off,” Nacpil said.

He also said that if clothing wasn’t on sale, he would wait to purchase a school sweater from a four-year university.

“I would rather purchase one for the university level when I transfer,” Nacpil said.

Assistant Bookstore manager Grigor Hogikyan said that he thinks it’s a good idea for these sales to continue.

“These discounts will bring more students to the store,” Hogikyan said, pointing out which areas were on sale.

The clothing area is located right before the far right corner of the Bookstore. In the same section are Jansport backpacks for sale and summer hats.

“They should purchase a t-shirt and show school spirit,” Varozian said.