Sawelson to become a Warrior

Pierce College third baseman Alex Sawelson after a successful season and helping the Brahmas make it to the playoffs this year for the first time since 2010, signed his letter of intent to play at the University of Hawaii next season.

Sawelson who has been playing baseball since he was a child has made his way

up from playing baseball at Taft Charter High School in Woodland Hills, to being Pierce’s man in the hot corner. During the season Sawelson hit .252 along with 33 RBI’s and lead the Brahmas with 12 doubles.

Since his high school years at Taft he has scared a close bond with first baseman Zach Friedman who have been playing together for the past six years. Once high school ended the two traded Toreador red for Brahma red and together as a tandem helped make the Brahmas one of the best batting lineups in the state. After Friedman hurt his arm, Sawelson with him every step of the way and helped motivate Zach to get back into shape.

“Alex is my best friend. When I was out because of my arm, he motivated me toget back up, work out and become healthier,” Friedman said.“Now I am back on the team from my recovery,” .

Alex has enhanced his skills and self-motivation being on the baseball team at PierceCollege. When accepted into University of Hawaii, he was excited and couldn’t believe it.

“When I spoke to the coaches it was pretty amazing. It was one of the better days of my life,” said Sawelson.

Even though Sawelson received a full ride to play for Hawaii, he stayed focused academically and made sure the other achievements were still fulfilled.

Only having two more years left to finish at Hawaii, Sawelson plans on getting his degree in sociology just in case baseball doesn’t work out. His goal is to make it to theprofessional league and play for the Los Angeles Angels.

“After I finish up my two years there at Hawaii, my goal is to get drafted,” Sawelson said. I would definitely want to get drafted to the Angels.”

Sawelson’s success and accomplishments this season, has made many people proud. On a trip down to the university with his parents, Alex felt the positive energy his parents put off just from the smiles they had upon their faces.

“My parents are really proud. Last week, we got to go to the stadium that fits 35,000 people,” said Sawelson. “I could just see it in there face on how proud they were.”

In terms of what Sawelson brings baseball wise to Hawaii, assistant coach Peter Gunny thinks that his former player will make the Warriors a good team with a solid bat.

“Alex is going to bring a great work ethic to the program,” Gunny said. “He’s a good kid, works hard, understands the game and does things the way any program would want it done. He brought a lot of leadership this year with our team and brought the young kids along. During the games he was productive defensively and offensively for us in clutch situations. Even when he was struggling he continued to work hard and carry himself in the correct manner.”