Geology club seeks for the diamond in the rough

With its jagged mountains, blazing volcanoes, arctic glaciers, tectonic plates, and arid deserts, all remote places that the earth and the outdoors possess with many undiscovered rocks.

People use earth materials and rocks every day. We use oil produced from wells for powering vehicles, metals produced from mines worn as jewelry, and water from streams which we use for hydration.

That’s why the Pierce College Geology Club was started in 2009, and continues to grow strong. The club meets weekly to discuss earth science and also goes for hikes to discover new treasures. Learning about geological and environmental topics as well as connecting with the science community.

Geology is the study of the earth, the materials, the structure of those materials, and the processes among them. Geologists also study the earth’s materials, and how it has changed over time. As they conduct endless studies locating rocks that contain important metals that will serve the greater community.

The geology club is very enthusiastic about their field and having a better understanding of the geological processes that took place in the past and what’s currently happening. The club likes to introduce the wonders of geology to students at Pierce College through hikes, discussion, and various field trips.

“I love our working environment, we get to know each other and enjoy the beautiful outdoors together,” said President of the Pierce College Geology Club, Velveth Perez.

Club member, Nabim Abu-Hashmeh, just started his third year at Pierce College originally a journalism major. Abu-Hashmeh has been in the geology club for over a year. He enjoys traveling to new places with like-minded people. Abu-Hashmeh’s typical day consists of studying before class, working, and on off days hiking many of the scenic mountainous areas in Southern California. He would love the opportunity to be  part of the exciting Mars missions happening right now. But ultimately Abu-Hashmeh would like to have vast experience in studying the landscapes of many parts of the world.


“A professor who once taught at Pierce instructed it well enough to convince me to switch my major, and I haven’t looked back,” Abu-Hashmeh said.

Geologists can work in many settings. Such as natural resource companies, environmental companies, and universities. Including field work. Other geologists spend their time in laboratories, classrooms, or offices.  But they are great discovers as well. With discovering changes in the flooding of the Black Sea, locating the presence of landforms in the Burckle Crater, or even the Flims Rockslide which is the is the biggest landslide known to have occurred in the Alps. Geologists are eager to learn more about the minerals and what the earth consists of.

“Our goal for the club is to raise money for the club so that its members can travel to geological sites in order to better understand the features of the area, and to bring back any knowledge obtained in the field trips to share with the community,” said Jennifer Bautista, vice president of the geology club.

Most of the clubs activities are off campus.  The club is discussing ideas on how to better serve the community. By taking elementary school children hiking.  Anywhere they can meet new people, provide resources, and have discussions with earth science majors at Pierce is great, and gets students involved.

“We invite anyone to join the club and participate in our activities, new ideas are always welcomed,” Bautista said.

Employment opportunities for geologists are very good. Most geology majors graduate with a strong academic background, and have no trouble finding employment.  Even though this club is amongst school, work, family, and having a social life the members of the geology club still find time to do what they love.  The geology club embraces, and embodies all diversities as all of their 15 members are from different gender, backgrounds, and countries.

“Anyone who enjoys the outdoors, hikes, camping, and rocks of course can join the club,” Perez said.

If your curiosity leads you to the culmination of rocks you have reached the rite club.  Geologists work to understand the history of our planet, and understanding the earth’s history, and positively influence the future. The geology club can be found on Facebook at Pierce College Geology Club.  And welcomes any, and all who love the study of rocks.  The club is also expecting to have an exciting camping trip near the end of the semester.