Photo Slideshow: Parade of Breeds

The Parade of Breeds, presented by the Pierce College Equestrian Department, showcased many different breeds of horses on Saturday, Nov. 15. Department Advisor Paddy Warner and former advisor Ron Wechsler hosted the event. From Clydesdale to Fell Pony, over 40 different horses trotted around the arena with their proud owners leading the way. The event drew spectators of all ages and featured activities such as face painting and horseshoe decorating. Warner tested her students on the different breeds and encouraged the audience to test their own knowledge of the horses. After the horses marched around the arena, several riders competed in barrel racing and jumping competitions. Once the rodeo events concluded, all of the horses were brought back into the arena and their breeds were revealed to the students and the audience. One special guest in attendance was Pierce College founder Clarence W. Pierce’s granddaughter Pauline Pierce along with her son and grandson. Pierce was happy to see that the equestrian department was keeping up the school’s agricultural roots and upholding what her grandfather had envisioned for the college.