Food Review: Slanging Corea

Slanging Corea is quickly becoming a force in the food truck business not only in the San Fernando Valley, but throughout Los Angeles County.


However, Slanging Corea is more than just their delicious food. It’s their staff that also makes you keep coming back. The staff consists of four or more men who go out of their way to make sure their customers are taken care of. Their cooks are fast and on the task and they don’t make you wait too long obtain your meals.


Meanwhile, their truck is emblazoned with the “Korean Fusion Food” description, but it would be wise that a customer actually takes a look at their menu and tries their food.


Slanging Corea knew what they were doing when they added “fusion” as one of their taglines, because they indeed fuse or blend American, Mexican, and of course Korean cuisines together.


If there is a dish on Slanging Corea’s menu that can set off a food addiction no matter what culture of food you’re used to, it has to be their Mondu vegetable dumplings. The tiny but delicious side dish is coated in a fried white outer layer that tastes just as good as the ingredients inside of it.


These dumplings are light and crisp and it is extremely hard to eat just one of them. The dumplings cost $7 but you get ten of them.


Another meal that can induce mouth salivation is their kimchi quesadillas. A customer gets five thick and juicy quesadillas for $9. The first element of this dish that greets you is the cheddar cheese, as that ingredient is spread side to side under a delicious tortilla.


The kimchi which is a mixture of fermented (a tedious food preservation method) vegetables is prominent in this dish. The kimchi gives the quesadillas a crunch and something other to taste than the dominant cheddar cheese ingredient.


If there is a caveat with these quesadillas, it’s that they are very thick in cheddar cheese and look fattening. If you’re worried about your diet, then just order one or two.


Customers seem to really like the burger that is served here. Near the middle of the truck there is a picture of the burger and it looks mouth watering but at the same greasy and fattening. But if you judge this burger by that picture you’re missing out.


The burger is actually a light meal and may be one of the healthiest meals on their menu. Under the sesame seed bun is some savory Korean slaw, kimchi vegetables, bean sprouts, a dash of cilantro, and a light amount of cheddar cheese.


When you bite into the burger the first layer that greets your mouth is the slaw, and you don’t really taste the ground beef or the other ingredients until you’re halfway through the burger.

Slanging Corea maintains a true connection to their culture with the serving of kimchi vegetables, bulgogi beef (Korean marinated beef), Korean slaw, mondu dumplings, and other meals from the Korean cuisine. However, Slanging Corea is also aware of what Americans like to eat and that is one of the reasons why they are a hit throughout Los Angeles.