Shadows of the Grid wraps up

The art show “Shadows of the Grid” was on display at the Pierce College Art Gallery, Thursday night as the public showed up to view the artwork.

Arzu Arda Kosar is an artist, who was a guest speaker on this night and shared with everyone how she got to where she is now along with some of the work she has done in her career.

On display were maps of Los Angeles and of the World that were filled with marking of people that had gone to see the artwork. The markings on the maps represented a location that a person from the public was connected too.

“When people engage with it you get to know how other people are familiar with it as well,” Kosar said.

Students like Hannibal Lopez that helped set up the event liked what they saw from the audience.

“They are giving their part to the gallery and exhibition,” Lopez said.

The audience had positive feedback for the artwork on display that night as they got to see where other people are connected too on the world map and on map of Los Angeles.

“I didn’t know what to expect from the Grids, there was a lot to analyze and you were able to ask questions to get a better understanding of the pieces on display,” Justin Zafaranloo Pierce College Student said.

The event showed the audience how other people are not only connected to them but with other parts of the world.