CON: Studying abroad

When most students think of studying abroad, they perceive it to be the most life changing and beneficial experience. It is definitely an impactful decision to make in life, but is it necessarily a wise choice for students?

It should be a dream come true in most, if not everyone’s eyes, but not everything entailed in studying in another country can be worthwhile.

There are a lot of expectations when leaving home, being independent, and starting a new life in an entirely different place. It can lead to disappointment. Adjusting to life in a foreign country can be very difficult to do, which can lead to a culture shock.

Different cultures tend to have different habits and lifestyles that are not even remotely close to your typical way of living. No matter how much researching and knowledge the student has on the country, he/she is likely to come across many obstacles and unknown situations. Some people adapt well to change, but others don’t.

A potential language barrier is one of the main disadvantages in living in a foreign country for school. It can be tough to communicate with others and frustrating to get around, especially if very few people can lead you in the right direction.

Tuition costs may or may not be cheap, depending on the country and choice of study program. According to an article on the HCC Medical Insurance Services, sometimes universities in a foreign country does not allow the credits to be transferred over to the university you wish to attend back home. It will not only increase the years spent studying at school, but also the costs of schooling at your home university.

Studying abroad may not only take a toll on a student physically, but also emotionally. Not only do they have to worry about budgeting wisely or making sure they take the right route every morning to avoid being late to class, but also have to leave friends and family behind.

Being homesick can lead to an emotional experience and possibly affect your focus in school. Some people need that physical support from loved ones in order to accomplish something and being in another country restricts them.

Everyone to you are strangers at first. It can take some time to get comfortable enough to start making friends, inviting people over, and even trusting to take walks in the neighborhood at any time. No matter what type of environment you’re in, everything about the foreign country is something out of the ordinary and you may not find it easy to do things or run errands at a normal pace.

The reality of studying abroad is not for everyone. Traveling and having new experiences can be a great, positive opportunity for some students. However, being away from home in a new country can be very scary and can jeopardize your studies.