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Library to be open for finals and winter

Pierce College’s winter intersession was approved in October, but whether or not the Library / Learning Center will be open during has yet to be decided until at least Dec. 11.

The Budget Committee approved the library’s proposed operational budget on Dec. 2. However, the Pierce College Council (PCC) must approve it on Dec. 11 before President Kathleen Burke gives the final approval.

Associate Professor of Library Science Paula Paggi said she’s confident the process will be completed on time, and that she would be “appalled” if the PCC did not pass the library’s opening.

“I’m 95 percent sure that it will be open, because the budget committee was very supportive,” Paggi said. “The committee said that if the school is having classes, then it has to be open.”

Changes in administration delayed the budget process that Paggi started in September.

Paggi said that instead of informing her of the changes to the process immediately, the Budget Committee told her the week of Thanksgiving that she had to report to the Dec. 2 meeting to plead her case.

“I’ve never had to go before the Budget Committee before,” Paggi said. “That’s fine, but I wish I knew earlier.”

Dean of Student Services David Follosco said that Pierce’s recent growth led to the changes to the process.

“Based on prior years, when budgets were very slim, the school was just meeting basic needs, so budgets were only planned for fall and spring semesters,” Follosco said. “But in recent years, things have been much better and the college has been expanding.”

Due to the delays, Paggi said she will only have one week to hire and schedule library personnel and submit the necessary paperwork, so she has already started the process in anticipation of approval by the PCC and Burk.

“I think it’ll be great if we’re open,” said librarian, Clay Gediman. “Students will be able to come in, and we’ll be able to help them out with whatever they need.”

If approved by the PCC and Burke, the Library / Learning Center would be open during the winter intersession Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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