The Feminist Club gives students their own voice

A strong sense of belief and commitment encourages a group of Pierce College students to meet weekly to advocate equal rights for everyone and emphasize feminism.

Every Tuesday at 3:30 p.m., the Feminist Club gather together in the Business Building to share their individual opinions and to defend the equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women.

Members of the Feminist Club explore different topics that relate to the feminists, such as sexism, misogyny, and employment rights.

“It’s just about equal opportunities for everyone,” Vice President, Hose Moran said. “It’s not just female feminists, but we also have male feminists in our group.”

By having both genders involved with the club, it allows each member to see different reactions and perspectives during their weekly meetings. The group of students succeed in many ways in challenges them to grow as individuals through their topics.

“We work for equal rights and solitude,” Moran said. “We all just stand with our female counterparts.”

The Feminist Club not only promotes women’s social role, but examines the feminist movements and equality of women through events that have taken place outside of Pierce.

Moran said that the club did not have any events this semester, due to the short amount of time they had. However, since the Feminist Club has been allies with Planned Parenthood since the group was first organized, Moran has nothing but positive expectations for next semester.

Club events give members the opportunity to share their point of views and equality as they work together as a team.

Rene Paredes, the secretary of the Feminist Club, emphasized the fact that being in the club not only allows students to be more educated with the feminist theory, but gives them their own voice.

“Personally, I know it has inspired me to be more vocal with my opinions, to actively listen to people and to take in their own opinions, even though they may contrast mine,” Paredes said.

She said that she was very shy first joining the Feminist Club, working and being a part of a directed group of people allowed her to “break out of that a little bit.”

Based upon the actions they take and the commitment they have throughout the semester, Paredes feels honored and proud to become the president of the club next semester. Despite the amount of responsibility in maintaining the position as president, the pressure motivates her to learn and research more to expand her horizons of feminism.

“As a club we stress people to voice their opinions and we try to listen to the people who talk,” Paredes said. “We want to focus on a broader range of topics and trying to encompass and invite everybody.”

Celeste Rios, a 20-year-old business major, said she would always walk by the classroom of where the club meetings are held. She would hear their muffled talks as she passed bye on her way to class and noticed how “put together” they seemed as a whole.

“I could tell they were a very driven club,” Rios said. “It was not just to have a club just for the heck of it, but to be a part of something.”

The Feminist Club inspires the students to be more confident in their choices and opinions. Despite what the world thinks and sees, it teaches them to take a stand for what they believe in, even though people are against them.

“Our club grows more each time and we come up with different meetings, events and topics.” Moran said. “I think any club here on campus is good to have so we can open up, have a safe space and express our opinions no matter where it is and what it is.”