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Con: Printed schedules

There are many reasons why printed class schedules should be made available to students.

It’s 2015, and it seems as if everyone owns a computer, tablet, or smartphone. However, that is not a safe assumption to make. According to the United States Census Bureau, about 20 percent of the population doesn’t connect to the internet.

Not having a printed schedule creates barriers for some students trying to obtain higher education. Some people can’t afford to purchase high-tech items, while others make the personal choice not to own any.

When it comes to cellphones, not all people have smartphones. Some people have cellphones that only have the capability to make phone calls.

Having access to a printed class schedule would make choosing which classes to take easier for students that don’t have quick access to the internet. Having a printed schedule also makes it easier to find where your classes are located on campus.

The printed schedule not only has class meeting times, but it also has a map to help students navigate their way throughout campus.

There are a limited number of computers on campus that can be used to look up the class schedule. Offering printed schedules would reduce the time students need to use these computers, which would allow more students to quickly add and drop classes from them.  This would also ease some of the heavy foot traffic in the Student Services building.

If you’ve ever used the internet then you know that it is not completely reliable.  There are times when you just can’t get a connection, and other times the connection is so slow that you just can’t get anything done. Having a printed class schedule alleviates those issues.

Other options should have been explored before making class schedules accessible by internet only.

Students should have been given an opportunity to “opt-out” of receiving a printed class schedule. Banks and most utility companies are moving toward being paperless, but they’re at least giving their customers a choice between viewing bills and statements online or receiving them in the mail.

I understand the importance of moving toward being paperless and going green, as it is beneficial for society and the planet. Printed class schedules should be printed in limited numbers and on recycled paper. There should also be recycling bins on campus for paper.

There needs to be a more gradual movement toward technology, and as the use of technology continues to grow and expand, we have to remember to build and maintain bridges so that no one is left behind.

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