Breakfast Club unites Pierce students

The Pierce College English Department will host a function this week themed after the classic film “The Breakfast Club.”

The event is intended as an opportunity for students and faculty to get together and discuss topics that may fall outside the scope of the classroom setting.

The meeting will feature free coffee and donuts and give students a chance to interact with instructors on a more casual level.

“The movie is often referenced in pop culture, so students are familiar with it, and since the movie centers on students building relationships on campus, that’s sort of the feeling we want to create,” said Marra Kraemer, English instructor and an organizer of the event.

“So students would feel comfortable coming and talking with us as peers rather than professors,” Kraemer said.

As the semester begins, instructors recognize it can be a hectic period of adjustment. As the movie depicts, if a student doesn’t participate in any of the various extracurricular activities, not much is to be said about campus life.

English instructor Emily Anderson is one of the faculty members involved in the event.

“Sometimes it can be kind of lonely, don’t you think, to be a student on campus? And you don’t necessarily meet people who you feel like you have a lot in common with, but really you might have a lot in common with someone in your class but not know it,” Anderson said.

Kraemer said that while encounters outside of class with instructors may seem daunting at first, she believed a conversation over glazed cakes and caffeinated beverages may lead to someone who was once undecided about his or her future developing a clearer path.

“The underlying goal is to help students feel more comfortable on campus. Data shows us that if students can create relationships with their professors, they’re more likely to stay in school,” said Kraemer.

Donna Accardo, chair of the English department, said she supports the idea of connecting students with faculty members.

“My sons went here, and it was hard for them to feel engaged,” said Accardo. “This is a wonderful department and something like this makes me happy.”

The “Breakfast Club” event will be held Tuesday morning behind the Great Hall in the lobby of Faculty Office 2200 from 8:30-9:30 a.m.