Pro: Taking 18+ units

The idea of remaining in college for longer than necessary sounds like a nightmare. One solution to that problem would be enrolling in the maximum amount of units possible.

The word “maximum”may not suit the lifestyle you lead, but putting the most effort into an education has benefits in the long run. If one spends less time in college, it leaves more time to discover new opportunities.

The whole purpose of students attending college is for them to be successful and to earn a degree for a career. In order to achieve these goals, students must complete the total amount of units required for transferring.

Students seem to have this fear of what their future will amount to. So getting to the future in rapid time will take all the anxiety and stress away.

Enjoying free time seems very important now, but a lot of time is wasted that could be used toward extra classes. Using time wisely will help lead to a career quicker, which means one can make money before a majority of colleagues.

Prolonging the path to the future will only hurt yourself while everyone around you will be graduating and moving away to start their careers.

The task of taking more units also has personal benefits. The workload will help you develop skills like organization and time management.

The expression “practice makes perfect” fits precisely in the benefits of taking maximum units. Therefore, putting the maximum amount of effort into education will prepare one for the fast pace and hours of a future career.

In the future, it is not possible to request a certain amount of hours to a boss. So having control over the amount of units taken give students more power in their future.

It is time to stop taking the easy way out by taking the least amount of units and it is time to focus on the bigger picture.

Another benefit of taking the most units possible at a community college like Pierce is saving money. Compared to universities, the prices are unbelievably affordable.

The more transferable units taken at Pierce College, the fewer the courses required by the university you transfer to toward a degree. Spending more money on courses that will break the bank at a university is not the ideal situation.

If taking more classes sounds scary, think about the money and time wasted because of personal fear. The only person in charge of your future is you, so make your time at Pierce College a quick step toward success.