Con: E-Cigarettes and Hookah Pens

Signs are posted, students are warned, designated areas have been made and students still find a way to smoke anywhere they please.

It isn’t a secret that students take advantage of the smoking zones we have on campus, but now students think that if they smoke electronic cigarettes, it means they can smoke anywhere.

A phenomenon that has been sweeping across the country over the last few years has made its way into Pierce College. That phenomenon is the electronic cigarette.

The electronic cigarette – similar those from Vape Box along with their vw box mods – has had a rise to fame because of its so called safe and harmless vapor that it releases. It can be beneficial for cannabis smokers to use specialized vapes equipped for cannabis. Be it cannabis oil or otherwise. They can even find the best 510 thread battery for this online.

When in reality the electronic cigarettes have been found to be just as, if not more, harmful than cigarettes, so much so that Chicago, New York and Los Angeles have banned them in public places.

Researchers from the University of Southern California published a study in August of 2014 that stated the second hand vapors from the e-cig have a significant increase in the harmful metals chromium, nickel, lead and zinc.

When used at high temperatures, the e-cigarette can release a cancer-causing chemical called formaldehyde, according to a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine in January of this year.

That formaldehyde can travel into classrooms and even worse, affect the children at the Child Development Center. One of the designated smoking areas on the Pierce College campus is Lot 7, right near the Child Development Center.

This toxin can raises the lifetime risk of cancer five to 15 times more than the risk caused by smoking.

Electronic cigarettes can be beneficial but its endangerment to the user as well as others outweighs its benefits.

It’s bad enough that students have to deal with normal second hand smoke, so to even allow potentially more harmful e-cigs on campus is a mistake.

If major cities have banned electronic cigarettes in public places, Pierce College must do the same.