New classes and faculty planned by Academic Senate

The Pierce College Committee had a discussion about adding new classes to the schedule. The meeting took place on Monday Mar. 9 in the Great Hall.

One committee member, Constance Moffat, who is an instructor of “Art History” from the Arts and Architecture department made the announcement of the new classes that has been approved and will be added to the schedule. Moffat announced that the news classes will be more Economics courses, History courses, and Kinesiology courses such as Olympic Weightlifting.

The History Department Chair, Richard McMillan, explained that the department is trying to expand and become more broader. He says that they are trying to bring back a few classes such as Asian history, the Mideast

“Since 9/11, there has been demands by students to have a Middle Eastern history course,” said McMillan when he explained that the history department is trying to make it into a permanent course.

So far in the semester they have expanded more history classes from previous years such as “Women’s History” and “Latin-American History”. The history department is hoping to expand more classes in the upcoming semesters as they help students prevent from crashing classes.

One class that will probably make Pierce College noticeable is the new Olympic Weightlifting class in which Moffat announced in the meeting. She can’t predict the students behavior on whether or not students will keep crashing courses.

“These classes may make our offsprings more attractive,” said Moffat as she feels that the class will be most recognizable.

Head strength and conditioning coach of the Kinesiology department, Matthew Hank, states that Olympic Weightlifting course will be a great addition to the department and how high intensity workout is extremely popular in the campus.

“I think it is important to have a class that teaches how to properly perform and implement Olympic Weightlifting into exercise routines,” said Hank.

Hank feel that students do not spend extra time on maximizing their strength because of the risk of injuries.With this new upcoming course, students will have the experience and a conditioned body as a great benefit. Not only is the course beneficial to students but it is also beneficial to student athletes because it can give them a boost on their strength and keep their body conditioned.

The strength and conditioning coach has been asked personally, several times from students if he can teach them Olympic Weightlifting movements and therefore the course has been introduced to the committee.

Moffat is hoping to add more course in the upcoming semesters and hoping for the senate committee’s approval to expand student’s success in the future.