Faculty to vote in Academic Senate race, election of new president begins

The last day for full-time faculty members to submit Academic Senate presidential election ballots is Friday.

Anna Bruzzese, associate professor of sociology and the senate representative for the philosophy and sociology departments, is one of two candidates for president.

“I have a lot of experience in leadership roles on campus,” Bruzzese said. “I served two terms as senate secretary.”

Bruzzese said she chose to run because of doubts she has about the senate’s current leadership.

“I think I would be much more inclusive,” she said. “My style of leadership is non-combative, non-confrontational.”

Incumbent Kathy Oborn served on the senate for nine years and took the position after her predecessor left in 2013. When the seat opened, Oborn initially declined the position via email, but reconsidered before the president’s official resignation.

“At one point in the conversations I said it doesn’t look like I can do it,” Oborn said. “Nobody knew what was really going on, so I changed my mind.”

According to Oborn, certain members of the senate were upset with that decision, but said she’s worked closer with the senate than Bruzzese.

“My opponent hasn’t been to any statewide or districtwide meetings,” Oborn said. “I take the job seriously because I know there’s a bigger picture to all of this.”

Oborn said Bruzzese is more concerned with following the agenda than with the duties of the senate.

“Her reason for running is her recollection that two years ago, the senate got through the agenda. That’s not what the focus should be,” she said. “I don’t care about the agenda like my opponent. I care about the students.”

Academic Senate nominations and elections committee member Jill Binsley said emails have been sent out to voters, and multiple ballot boxes are available.