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ASO, Kinesiology and Health departments bring students together

In between words of encouragement, the ambiance of Pierce College’s Live to Inspire event was balanced by a DJ and free pizza.

Live to Inspire was a combination of empowerment, entertainment and free food Thursday, May 7, in the Great Hall.

The event was coordinated by Diane Kelly, physical education professor. The Associated Students Organization (ASO), Kinesiology and Health departments sponsored the event.

Noura Hervani, head committee chair of student outreach for the ASO, helped make sure the event went smoothly.

Health student Anthony Granados presented his speech “Love Never Fails.”

“It’s really essentially the love of the idea of what it means to be human and the love of humanity,” Granados said. “Once you make that discovery of why you even love humanity and once you have the sense of it, you will want to live inspired and you will want to live a life of love.”

Another health student, Nada Elaun, gave her speech “Leaving Your Mark on the World.”

“Saving or helping people doesn’t necessarily have to mean giving them food, clothes, or shelter. It can just be giving someone a hug or to simply be a friend,” Elaun said. “So the bottom line is if you’re happy with what you done so far in the world, then that’s good. Just keep doing what you’re doing. When I die, I hope that I have left a mark on this world and I hope you guys hope the same.”

Toward the end of the event, professor Kelly performed original music, “What’s up Within.” The festivities closed with music and dancing.

According to Hervani, halfway through the event the number of students in attendance was 185.

“This event is to empower everyone on the campus and to encourage them to succeed, to share stories, to create a bond and create unity within the students, and create a positive energy and vibe so everybody will be empowered, inspired and continue to inspire each other,” Hervani said.

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