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Pro: Group Work


College students being required to work in groups is a positive idea. The ability to collaborate and work as a team will benefit the student and the entire group.

Sharing thoughts and ideas gives opportunities for each student to voice his or her opinion along with hearing other perspectives from classmates. When a student works alone, it can limit his or her experience as a student. College should be based on opening the minds of students with a balanced curriculum that consists of group and individual work.

Communication skills are important to possess and do not always come easy to students. When working in groups, it may take students out of their comfort zones but it will encourage growth as a better communicator.

For class projects that may be considered too much for one student to handle, it can be less stressful when classmates brainstorm and share ideas. Different perspectives can enlighten others students and the workload will not be as heavy.

Students would not have to rely on themselves and can learn to have a role within a team.  The capability to know how to divide tasks and be held accountable as a member of a team can teach students responsibility when the team could suffer if a student does not do his or her assigned tasks.

Preparation for life after college should be a goal for students and many adults must know how to work with others in their careers. Unless an individual works in a profession that does not require interacting with other people, then it is important to have communication skills.

If a student acquires team building skills, it helps when applying for jobs and can impress companies. Employers look for traits that will fit well with their companies and may have tasks that involve working together to reach goals and complete projects.

The times a teacher assigns students in the class to work as a group should be considered a good thing. Whether the students realize it or not at the moment, it will be a professional and personal attribute they will need throughout life.