Pro: Charities focusing on America

If more Americans charities focused on  international charities it would significantly impact the development of impoverished countries, and ultimately help empower the world.

Despite the United States being a wealthy country, only five percent of its charitable donations are designated to international causes.

Poverty in impoverished countries  results in insufficient food supply, limited access to education, contaminated drinking water, substandard housing and often victimization to suppressive government regimes and limited hope.

An American charitable dollar invested in these countries can have high yields and influence sustainable change.

In a country, where the average income is less than $1.25 a day, an American charitable donation of $100, can educate a child for a year or feed a family for a month.

This type of investment, helps to  foster democratic equity throughout the world and discourage illegal immigration.

More than 75,000 immigrants tried to enter in the United States monthly.

They are fleeing from the impoverished inequalities in their home countries in hopes of better income and living opportunities in the United States.

Imagine the effects if these same immigrants could stay in their country and have access to American charitable dollars for investment in entrepreneurship, micro financing, and cooperatives.

They could then earn a living and create jobs for their fellow countrymen, and in turn help to build their country’s economy and living resources.

The tax benefits an American charity can accrue from their donations compounds the value of each dollar donated.

Therefore, a win-win situation is created for the American charity making the donation and the impoverished country receiving the donation.