Red Cross blood drive in the Great Hall

Red Cross blood drive in the Great Hall

The Red Cross held a blood drive in the Great Hall at Pierce College on Monday.

Sarah Little, Red Cross RN team supervisor, said the event began Monday morning. Little was tasked with oversight of the blood drive.

“We started at 8 [a.m.],” Little said. “We’ve had 25 people so far, and we have about an hour to go.”

David Bothuel is a pre-veterinary major and had just finished donating blood.

“It’s relatively smooth,” Bothuel said. “I’ve been here maybe 30 [or] 35 minutes.”

Bothuel frequently donates blood, and said he will help organize a drive in the near future.

“This was my fifth time [donating],” Bothuel said. “I’m going to be hosting one in December or January.”

The drive Bothuel expects to host is part of the Leaders Save Lives scholarship program offered by the Red Cross. According to the program’s website, students who organize a blood drive that collects 25 pints or more from donors are entered into a drawing for a chance to win $1000 or more in scholarships.

Mechanical engineering major Reanna Shafer was waiting to donate, and said she had donated nine or 10 times before.

“I’m very anxious and nervous,” Shafer said. “I hate the waiting more than the actual process.”

Shafer, who had also donated bone marrow in the past, said after her cousin suffered an illness that required a blood transfusion she’s made a personal point of giving blood at every opportunity.

“I made a promise to my aunt that anytime there was a blood drive I would donate,” Shafer said.