Con: Professor’s age affects teaching

When a professor has taught for over 20 years, their abilities to teach a class are definitely affected by their age. The age of a professor not only will affect the direction of their course, but also the way that they will teach it as years go on.

As they begin their career,  professors are fresh out of school and are loaded with information that they just received. They are ready to pour their education into potential students, who are eager to learn, but all of this can soon become outdated and the students will be less interested.

One can only wonder if they will remember their abilities 15-20 years from when they began, if they will still have that same passion and drive to share their wisdom to students. It will become more difficult to connect with students who are barely entering their 20s.

As the professors continue to teach the same course that they have been teaching for years, their information will grow old and repetitive as education keeps growing.

With education advancing on a day to day basis, with support from technology, it’s easy to feel skeptical about professors who are reaching more than 30 years of teaching, and how they will keep up with such a fast pace environment.

Most classes half online, requiring professors to have experience with different websites and software. These ways of teaching are known for making courses easier, and more simplified for students, but it will only become a challenge for the professor who has little to no experience, because they have always printed out their materials and tests that are years old.

Students are used to being surrounded by technology, whether it’s their cellphone, laptop or TV. It’s the ultimate comfort zone for most students and now, classrooms are becoming part of that.

New, but comfortable, aspects are now being brought into classrooms such as projectors, smartboards, and sometimes, a computer on every single desk. With advancements like that in an educational setting, students will be much more eager to learn, but a professor who is used to sticking to the old notebook and pen, along with a two hour lecture, will have their abilities to teach tested.