Districtwide food survey seeks input from students

Districtwide food survey seeks input from students

The Los Angeles Community College District sent a districtwide survey via email on Wednesday, Sept. 23, to find out how students and faculty feel about the available food choices on campus.

The survey attempts to identify issues with schools’ food choices and find out what can be done to improve those options.

Associate Vice Chancellor Maury Pearl said “the survey is helping to identify the choices available and receive feedback from students and faculty regarding those preferences as well as planning options.”

The information received will then be distributed to the colleges and as Pearl said “it is up to the colleges to see how the information fits with their food choices.”

Pierce student Rebekah Danks said the price of food on campus is her biggest concern.

“There should be cheaper food prices,” Danks said. “You have to spend around an average of $7 if you want to have a decent meal from a food truck.”

According to Pearl, an email should have been distributed around the district to the information officer for each campus. Doreen Clay, a part-time student and Public Relations Manager for Pierce College, said that though she is the college’s information office she had only received the student version.

Clay said the food services available on campus are insufficient.

“Students need more choices,” Clay said. “The options are too limited.”

Alysha Dyer, a student at Pierce College, also said the existing cafeteria should be utilized.

“We do need a cafeteria,” Dyer said. “Having more hot food options would be cool.”

The decision to distribute the survey was made by a districtwide committee, and Pearl was brought in as an advisor to the committee.

“There will be focus groups in addition to the survey,” Pearl said. “Those will be campus-based.”

Pearl did not know when the district will implement changes based on information gathered in the survey.

“I am unsure,” Pearl said. “We have received a framework for receiving the information.”