Pro: Should professors carry guns?

School safety is always an important priority for students, teachers and staff on campus. There are times where a student or professor is alone walking on campus during the day or at night and should be able to feel safe within the school property.

However, it may be possible for someone to be at the wrong place at the wrong time at any given moment. That is why students, professors and staff members of any school or college should always be ready for the unexpected.

Additionally, carrying a weapon, like a gun, should give anyone a sense of security and the possibility of preserving and defending lives by protecting themselves and others in a threatening situation if it should arise.

Professors should be able to carry a gun while on campus by being trained and obtaining a gun permit/license in order to protect students in the classroom. This can make students and teachers feel safer in the classrooms knowing that if there’s any remote chance of a threat or attack, there is someone ready just in case of an emergency situation.

Having the public being aware that professors can carry guns to protect themselves and the classroom can easily make someone think twice about making a foolish and violent attack against professors and/or students.

According to an article from NBC News, Kasey Hansen, a special needs teacher in Utah, is an owner of a gun that she calls “Lucy.”  She carries it everyday in each of the 14 schools that she teaches.

This shows the attitude and motivation in which teachers may be starting to build in order to carry a weapon to defend their students. This is a smart and protective way to take defense to another level, and that is to use weapons for only the right reasons.

The professor must be professionally trained and carry a gun permit in order to own a weapon. I wouldn’t feel comfortable if a teacher was obviously not professionally trained and did not have a gun permit because then that would put so many students in the classroom and campus at risk.

In more than two dozen states, legally gun-owning adults are now allowed to carry guns in public schools.

Just because a teacher is carrying a gun, does not mean the individual can just pull it out and shoot someone that looks suspicious, but by owning one and carrying it, it may definitely change the outcome of a circumstance that could save the students and teachers from life and death.

I would feel very safe if my professors legally owned a concealed gun in my classes. It can save someone from a traumatic and life-changing situation. One that may not have had a  chance to escalate, if it wasn’t for a professor with a gun.

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