Con: Can collectors

School safety is a big deal when it comes to protecting students on campus and making them feel comfortable and confident to walk within the school whenever and wherever they need to go at any given time without having to worry what’s and who’s around them.

For the most part, Pierce College has maintained  high security on campus, making the students feel safe while on campus at all times. Should we allow can collectors on campus?

Students would most likely feel uncomfortable seeing can collectors whose backgrounds are unknown and strangers whom may have criminal records and unverified identities. Allowing can collectors on campus also makes the environment look dirty, insecure and unprofessional.

When it comes to safety, the sheriffs and police department are responsible for keeping the campus protected against any stranger or suspicious person from coming in the school I believe the sheriffs department should identify these strangers and mysterious people from walking on our campus for student and faculty safety.

Having random people coming in the school collecting cans from trash cans isn’t helping the program in any way shape or form.

Less of a scholarly looking environment for students is never a good look for a school in looking clean and professional. These can collectors who may not show much respect towards the schools environment might just make the campus look unhygienic and filthy.

That is why we need a verified person to do that job and not someone that isn’t verified to clean recycling bins or trash cans. This will definitely benefit the school by looking really nice and fresh.

We should not allow can collectors to come into our campus and disrupt school protection, funds, and environment that has been granted to our students and faculty for many years.