Con: Taking a gap year

School should always be a top priority for students. Many students prefer not to go to school at all; they would rather be on vacations or taking breaks in order to just be away from school and not have to worry about it. As nice as it may sound, to be on vacation for a long period of time and not go to school or stress over homework, tests, and projects, it would never accomplish a degree or a successful career. It’s our job as students to attend school and get our education by taking classes and finishing them.

        Students shouldn’t take a gap year from school. A gap year has a lot of negatives that can slow students down from accomplishing their careers and goals. One would be the fact that you are losing a whole year of schooling and prolonging your career. It’s not a month or a semester, it’s a whole year. Losing a year of school will postpone graduation for another year. You will be a year older when you graduate from school instead of finishing a year before. The faster you aim for your education and finishing school, the faster your graduation will come. It will get school done a lot sooner and out of the way instead of later.

Often times, students lose continuity when they take a year off. As a result, they lose motivation and focus to continue their education. Students tempt to get lazier and get comfortable being away from school. Their momentum, enthusiasm, and the grinding of having to wake up early every day and do school related tasks, stops and makes students not want to get back to school routine. Whether it’s barely starting college or coming back from where they left off, a gap year can affect students’ mindset and become a discouragement or failure.

Parents also become part of the decision in taking a gap year. Not all parents support the idea of wanting their kids to take a year off. I believe parents would want their children to finish school without any gaps to finish sooner and younger. Best of all, finding a career younger and sooner can get you started on a successful path to a brighter future. After all, isn’t that the students’ goal? To start the career they have been envisioning since they entered college?

The advantage of students’ not taking time off from school is that they will be dedicated and determined to finish what they started and look forward to fulfilling your aspirations to pursue a goal your family may have never reached before.

That in itself should give me a feeling of satisfaction that would not lead me to ever think about putting off school for a certain period of time, and begin to achieve my career endeavors.