Pro: Professors who preach

Professors who preach know how to teach. Preaching does not necessarily mean delivering a religious sermon, but can also be a form of advocation of factual information. There is always a story when they’re preaching.

A professor may go on a rant with a story that is completely off-topic from the subject they’re teaching. The story may or may not end with a “lesson” or point that has to do with the subject they’re teaching, but ultimately the preaching professor is much more exciting to listen to than the a non-preaching professor.

If a professor does not have any form of preaching, their class is dull, especially those three-hour long classes. The non-preaching professors fail to keep the attention of their students. What I found is that when they fail to keep the attention of their students they will see a drop in their student’s grades and a drop in their student’s attendance.

Personally, I find it excruciatingly tedious to sit through a three-hour long class discussing one topic all class long, without any form of off-topic preaching.

When a professor preaches they create an attentive environment. Their stories could be inspiring, humorous, or accommodating. If the preaching professor is discussing something that is absorbing it will keep the student’s attention, this will ultimately lead to student success. If the preaching professor is discussing something you can relate to, or agree with, I believe the student will perform stronger.

We generally try harder for the people we like. Now, just because they preach doesn’t mean they are a good teacher, however, keeping the attention of their students is the first step in student success.

Their preaching can be motivational. This could really absorb you into the subject they’re teaching. I’ve taken classes where I was I really into the subject, but the professor’s were so dull and boring that they single-handedly uninspired me to pursue the subject any further. Those were always the professors who did not preach.

I’ve taken classes where I wasn’t into the subject, but became interested and pursued it because of the professor’s ability to motivate and inspire. Those professors were always the ones who preached. Even if I do not always agree with what they’re preaching it is great to hear someone else’s opinion to get an idea of another person’s perspective. In college this a time to figure out what you want to become and the preaching-professor offers insight into their world.