The beauty of caffeine

Caffeine is a powerful additive and when used properly it can be harnessed to achieve greatness.

It is in almost everything people drink, from coffee to sodas to energy drinks.

Caffeine comes in a variety of types, from coffee, tea, to energy drinks and even pill form.

People use it to get their day started, whether they use a cup of coffee in the morning or an energy drink.

When I was working 20-hour days as a production assistant, coffee and energy drinks were a lifesaver. Whether it was an early morning start to the day or working till sunrise, caffeine was a savior.

Caffeine should only be used for short bursts of energy, much like a cup of coffee is used to kickstart a person’s day.It acts like adrenaline on the human system, allowing people to respond to situations faster.

The variation of ways to ingest caffeine allows for everyone to find a way to get caffeine.The key to its usage is moderation.

From the ancient Chinese drinking tea to the modern day person drinking an energy drink, it has been a part of everyday life for centuries.

Caffeine is not a substitute for a good night of rest, but it can help people wake up after a short night of sleep.When people talk about people dying or being hospitalized for caffeine, the point that is often buried is the excessive amounts of it those people drank.

A single cup of coffee or a cup of tea will provide a little boost of energy that can be the key to getting a day off the ground.

If a student has to stay up late to study for a test or finish a term paper, they turn to caffeine. It has been the savior of the drowsy-eyed student, and the early morning worker.

Without caffeine some students would have fallen asleep and failed to finish papers.

Early morning people would have to wait to start their day instead of drinking a cup of coffee and being ready to go before the sun rises.

Caffeine is the spark of energy that helps get people’s engines running in the morning the same way a car battery gets a car’s alternator working.

It is what society is built on, what has made the world great. The monuments that have been built by caffeine drinking workers. The tests that have been aced thanks to caffeine.

The term papers that have been finished just in time to beat the deadline thanks to late night coffee or energy drinks. Caffeine is part of what has made humanity great.