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With great coffee, comes great consequences

It’s the worst when I’m studying for a test or final and I drink coffee for that extra energy boost to concentrate, then the side effects starts to kick in.

It’s the middle of your day, then all you can feel is the crash from the coffee you drank earlier that morning.

You may drink another cup of coffee to keep up with your energy levels and get an extra boost, only to get into the cycle of needing it.

Coffee is meant to keep you awake, alert, energized and focused. Sooner or later, that focus wears off and you slowly lose productivity.

Your body starts winding down and you’re not as mentally wired.

I often feel sluggish the next day. My reflexes are slower and I’m not as mentally alert compared to how I would naturally be without it.

The more you drink it, the more tolerant your body adapts to it, making you require stronger or more consistent coffee consumption.

Not only does it become an addiction, but it takes a toll on physical aspects as well.

Stained teeth are one of the side effects I get when I drink coffee. It’s not like people don’t know this. More coffee equals a higher chance of staining your teeth, if oral hygiene is not kept on top of. Saying that though, the idea of visiting a dentist in sc (or one closer to you) could be the answer to getting that hollywood smile that everyone is looking for.

People who drink coffee know that this is something that can happen if you drink coffee (or sugary drinks) excessively. With this being said, if you’ve noticed that the stains on your teeth are getting worse, it may be time to cut down on the coffee, use a straw to drink it or visit a Dentist in Georgetown (or your local dental clinic) to get your teeth whitened professionally.

Drinking cofee affects your enamel, which is the protection of your teeth, causing deterioration. One of my friends did tell me about a Dentist in Modesto that offers cosmetic dentistry, such as teeth whitening to remove stains on your teeth. This might be a good idea, especially with the amount of coffee I drink!

Sometimes when I’m running late in the morning and I can’t have a decent breakfast or grab something to eat, I’ll have a quick coffee.

Coffee actually makes your metabolism faster, resulting in eating more.

Depending on the strength of the brew and the sugar content, sometimes drinking too much too fast has resulted in headaches or migraines in my experience.

This all happens when you’re not drinking enough water. Instead of being a thirst-quencher, coffee makes you dehydrated.

Some other alternatives I drink to stay hydrated and energized are chocolate coconut water or 100% fruit juice smoothies. I like these drinks because they don’t have a crash, they have natural electrolytes and they’re powered with nutrients.

On other days when I’m working, it can be long and stressful. Sometimes it feels like it’s never going to end.

I have drank coffee throughout the day for those long hours at work. What I have learned through experience is when drank in late afternoon or the evening, coffee can disturb your sleeping patterns, keeping you mentally awake with an exhausted body.

It becomes harder to get out of bed the next day just to repeat the same cycle.

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