Pro: Borrowing books from library a cost saving alternative

The one part of college I always disliked was buying my textbooks for the semester. For my pre-law classes, the prices were brutal and I had few opportunities to find a used version of the titles I needed. It didn’t take long for me to realize the insanity of buying new books from the campus bookstore. I would pay anywhere from $50 to nearly $300 a book, but never saw much of that money back at the end of the semester. The books were either not being used the next semester or they were being replaced with a new edition. Even during the times I did have enough money for them, I was left with barely enough to buy lunch for myself. After two semesters of spending over five hundred dollars on books, I decided there had to be a more efficient and cheaper method. I find it better to borrow books from the Library because you save money rather than spend it. Every semester when people take classes, they would be spending massive amounts of money on these books and it can get very troublesome. College textbooks cost too much and something needs to be done about it. The college estimates that the average student spends around $1,200 a year on books and supplies, and a single book can cost as much as $200.

People often decide against buying a textbook because it is above their price range. The cost of books has an impact on how many and which classes students take. Students who have skipped buying a required book say they were concerned that doing this would hurt their grade in that course, but had little choice. There should be a way for students to purchase books at a cheaper price rather than spend a lot of money on these supplies.  There are websites that people can go on to get books cheaper, such as:,, and People can use these websites to get textbooks at a lower price.  Students will need to take this into consideration and take action to know how much they are spending, and use these websites to their advantage because it will save them money, time and effort instead of wasting all the above.  It is a guarantee that saving money where you can, will help students in the long run and in their future.

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