Cal State LA nursing workshop at Pierce

Admission representatives from California State University Los Angeles held a nursing workshop in the Career Center on Wednesday for students interested in the nursing program at Pierce College.

According to Pierce counselor, Norine Fine, the nursing program will take two to six years for students to complete. Fine hopes the workshops will prepare students for the program.

“We usually receive 30 students to these workshops,” Fine said. “I hope the students who come to these workshops realize it’s important to have a balanced schedule, so they can be successful in the courses they are taking.”

Students need at least a 2.5 GPA to be accepted in the program. In order to receive a degree, students must complete the required classes in the Natural Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Humanities, Language and Rationality sections.

The recommended course sequence to receive the nursing degree is to take Biology 3 and Anatomy, along with Physiology 1, and Microbiology 1 or 20. Students who attended the workshop also learned what to expect while studying to receive a degree in the nursing program.

Jean Blas, a first year nursing student, attended the workshop.

“I have always wanted to study to be a nurse,” Blas said. “Today’s class helped me understand the direction, and classes I have to take to follow in this career path.”

Benjamin Omrani received a Bachelor’s Degree in agriculture from his native Iran in 2001, but his degree is not valid and can’t be used in the United States. Omrani came to study the nursing program so he can benefit from learning a new career. Omrani feels that he was able to learn new things from this workshop as well.

“I want to ultimately be a Physician’s Assistant,” Omrani said. “Today was really good. I felt like I learned a lot today, and I feel like I took a lot out of this workshop.”

There are four nursing workshops every semester. The next one will be on Apr. 20, 2016 in the Career Center.