Brahma Baseball loses to Santa Barbara

The Brahmas baseball team lost to Santa Barbara City College,Vaqueros, 2-5 at Joe Kelly Field, March 10.

Brahma’s head coach, Bill Picketts and his team took the loss as a chance to improve.

“We executed well, we bonded well, their guy was pretty good, he did a good job shutting us down, but overall it was not a horrible game and there is definitely some positive I could take out of it,” Picketts said.

Neither team scored a homerun, but had runs batted in. Some of the RBIs resulted in double plays.

While up to bat, a player from Pierce and a player from SBCC were each hit in the helmet by pitches of the opposing team, which resulted in walks to first base.

“They did well, they played hard, they executed. We were two plays away from having that game be a little different the other way around. [SBCC] got a couple big hits and that ended up being the difference,” Brahma pitching coach and recruiting coordinator, Eric Bloom said after the game.

Jeff Walker, head coach for the SBCC Vaqueros, was impressed with his team’s win.
“We had timely hits and we touched on plate more than [Pierce] did, so it’s a good thing.”

“It’s a good way to start off the week. Pierce comes to our field, so anytime we can win a game on the road is a feather in our cap,” said Walker.

“They had the best pitcher we’ve faced all season,” Pierce’s catcher, Tyler Eastman, said.

“There’s minor mistakes that we make and it really plays a big impact on the game, but as a team, we play really well,” Eastman said. “We have a great team, we have good chemistry and right now we’re kind of in the dumps a little bit but we’re a good team.”

“We’ll keep grinding out and working hard everyday in practice and it will transfer, we’re a good team and we just got to stick to it and trust what we’re doing,” Eastman said.