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Brahmas baseball beats Seahawks


The Brahmas came out strong early, to give the team a 5-0 lead after the 3rd inning, but after a 7-1 scoring run by the Seahawks, in which they led 6-5 at the end of the top of the 9th, the Brahmas would score twice to win 7-6.

Baseball started strong against the L.A. Harbor Seahawks, finishing the second inning in the lead at 4-0. However, runs for the Seahawks led to the Brahmas slight downfall in the top of the ninth inning, 6-5. The Brahmas redeemed their success with a final R.B.I. hit from Dustin Trisler at the bottom of the ninth inning.

“We’ve been scuffling a little bit and we’ve lost a lot of games like that, where it’s tight and we’re not coming through with a big hit, and today we did,” Coach Bill Picketts said. “So it was kind of fun for [Pierce], and it’s nice getting a win at home.”

The strengths in this game were pitching, hitting and stealing bases. In the bottom of the second inning, Evan Yeager, #4, hit a two-run R.B.I. single, then stole second base during the second inning. Edgar Vela, #9, stole home base during the third inning.

“We did a better job today of executing,” Picketts said. “For the most part our pitchers threw strikes and we struggled late in the game with our closer, but it’s about execution, and we preach running hard nineties to first base and today it came to fruition.”

“We started off really fast and then we kind of slowed it down a little bit, but it’s not how you start it’s how you finish, and I’m proud of my team for the way we finished, so it’s a good day,” Yeager said.

Yeager also said, “We’ve always had that problem of, we get out of a game and we never really know how to get back into it, so to be able to find a way to get back into it, it’s a really good little kick starter for our team.”

“Pierce scored five runs up until the third and after that, we shut them down, we brought another pitcher in,” Alvillar said. “The first pitcher was doing fine, he was throwing strikes, we just weren’t making plays.”

Alvillar also said, “The next pitcher came in, and we started making plays. I brought some other guys in the lineup, who we normally play, but I wanted to give them a rest today, but we started playing better, we starting making outs.”