UCSC representative Benjamin Kwak delivers admission information

Regional Admissions Representative Benjamin Kwak was was in the Transfer Center discussing with a few students about the majors and opportunities UC Santa Cruz has to offer.

There are a multitude of universities for students to transfer to and as part of the efforts of the Transfer Center, UC Santa Cruz shared information on how to become a Banana Slug.

“We are on the smaller side and easier to get to,” Kwak said.  “But we still have the major resources of a big university.”

The campus surrounded by forest and sea offers over 60 majors and has the Jack Baskin School of Engineering. Although, the population of UCSC is smaller than some of the other UC’s it is as diverse as its sister campuses.  

There are opportunities for students to immerse in the outdoors, social environment and academics.  While students are listening to lectures they are also given the chance to work and research with professors and other students.

Anthropology major Brittani Cielto recently got accepted to UCSC for the upcoming 2016 fall semester and was able to meet with Kwak and has an idea of what to expect.  
“You can get information that you can’t get online so you get first hand information from people who actually work on campus and know the ins and outs,” Cielto said.“And who can give you ninety-nine percent accurate information.”