Pierce College students hit by car in lot 7

A Pierce College student has been arrested and brought to Men’s Central Jail in Downtown Los Angeles for using his vehicle as a deadly weapon on school grounds on April 12, shortly before noon. His name was not released.

“We got a phone call, around 11:45 of an argument in lot 7, a female [Pierce student] was saying she was hit by a car,” Guerrero said. “We got several phone calls we have two victims and two witnesses.”

“She was complaining of pain, no injuries,” Guerrero said.

The driver was upset and frustrated because people were walking slow in parking lot 7, row B, According to Deputy Guerrero.

“There’s no excuse to use their vehicle to move fast, pedestrians have the right of way,” Guerrero said.

The student’s vehicle was not impounded and this is an ongoing investigation. The Sheriff’s Station will not release the student’s name.

“No comment, If it was you, would you want your name to be out there,” Guerrero said.