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Transfer Celebration for graduating students took place on the Brahma Mall

Transfer students were celebrated May 5 on the Brahma Mall from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. to recognize their academic achievements and encourage student motivation.

They had the opportunity to write their name and the school they will be attending next semester as well as words of wisdom for students continuing at Pierce in the Fall.

There was also a scrapbook displaying photos of last year’s transfer students and they added new photos. In addition, games were set up, such as bean bag tosses and a basketball hoop, which was set up at the last minute after the weather threatened plans for a dunk tank.

The purpose of organizing the Transfer Celebration was to honor those continuing their education at four-year universities, according to Transfer Center director Sunday Salter

Pierce College student, Omri Gabay is transferring next semester and thought it was a successful event.

“It’s a really nice for people who are already transferring,” Gabay said. “It’s rewarding them for their accomplishments, which is positive reinforcement psychologically.”

Graduating students said they did not have a fun way to honor them as the only tradition at Pierce was graduation itself , according to Salter. With students requesting a celebration, she decided to make it happen.

This was a contributing factor to combining the transfer celebration with the yearly UCLA and CSUN day. With both days being annual events, the Transfer Center believed that there were many benefits to having representatives from both universities present during the celebration.

Aside from the fact that the transfer students might spark some desire for all other students to begin asking questions, most Pierce students transfer to either UCLA or CSUN so this was also an opportunity for students to get familiar with the programs they will be joining next semester.

With preparations for the event beginning one year in advance due to securing funds from the ASO, it takes much dedication from Salter to make the event possible. Planning begins in December for the transfer director in order to ensure that both UCLA and CSUN representatives from each department are present.

UCLA student affairs officer Dylan Sarnowski was impressed with the way the event was organized.

“I’ve done a few of these and this is by far one of the best ones that I’ve been to,” Sarnowski said.

However, not only was honoring those who are transferring but also encouraging other students to get more informed and motivated to do so themselves.

“These types of events just stir up an awareness in a lot of our students who wouldn’t usually come in and say ‘hey, I need to figure this out,’” Salter said. This at least reminds them ‘oh yeah, I should be doing something about this.’”

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