Mysteries of the collection

Mysteries of the Collection is a research-oriented exhibition, featuring five prints from Pierce College’s permanent collection. This exhibition, which begins March 17, 2016, increases students’ opportunities to utilize this unique group.
Pierce College President, Kathleen Burke, attended the opening night of the gallery

“These kinds of exhibitions give students a sense of what it’s like to manage works of art,” said Burke, “Also it helps students learn how to conserve pieces of art and also to look for the origins of art pieces, that’s really the point of art history.”

This exhibition is also a way to increase knowledge about the different types of art featured, art history, as well as museum preparation and conservation techniques.

Katherine Wiacek, 28, is an art major who is specializing in animation and 3D design.

“I tend to go of the subject matter of a painting when I’m analyzing a piece that I’m not familiar with. This whole experience is about, it’s about people thinking outside the box. The point is the more information everybody gives the closer we can get finding out the origin of a piece,” Wiacek said

Gallery assistant and Interior Design major Zohrech Ganji did a lot of the research on the pieces in the gallery.

“These are old pieces from various artist that have no signature or very little information, so we are holding this gallery to find out more information about these amazing pieces of art.” Ganji said.

“Since we do not know very much about each of these highlighted works of art and some of them are in need of conservation, the exhibition is also an opportunity for visitors to further improve their research skills,” Assistant Professor of Art, Monika Del Bosque said.

The five featured pieces are a variety of paintings, an etching and a temple rubbing/transfer from Cambodia.

“They span a roughly 200-year time period from the 1700s to the mid-1900s,” Del Bosque said

“The gallery provides just enough information for visitors to go on a journey of exploration to learn more about their history, how they’re made, and in the process, help us learn more about the pieces themselves.”Del Bosque said.

The exhibition will be open through April 17 for the College’s Open House from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The art department will feature interactive activities and gallery passports for visitors on that day.