Pro: Printing is essential to students’ success and should be free

Printers are necessary for college in order to turn in papers but they are expensive.  That’s why the printer and copy machines on campus should be free of charge.

Students having to pay for the use of printers and copy machines on campus is a bit silly.  The materials for classes include textbooks that cost between $100 to $300, that’s not including supplementary materials.

Community college isn’t free. It takes a lot of money to pay for.  Students have to pay tuition which varies on how many units a person takes per semester.

Some professors like in the English and Psychology departments ask for hard copies of essays and written assignments.  The printers and copy machines located in the library and Copy Tech  are open to Pierce’s population but costs (add here).

Printers and copy machines are important yet a simple necessity.  These machines should be free because they are a simple necessity needed to secure the A.

It is understandable that printing and copying machines need to be maintained and supplied with materials such as paper and ink because of the amount of students that use them.  The things these machines need are not going to appear out of thin air.

However, that need for them proves that they should be free of charge.  It shows that people on campus don’t have the technology close at hand.   If they do have printers at home it is still nice to know that those machines are there for us to use.

Pierce should be taking care of it’s students which includes providing them with accessibility to the best technology.  The cost to print and copy papers is minor but it adds up.  Where does that money go?

Does the money from using those machines go to fixing or supplying ink?  Shouldn’t our tuition fees be part of paying for all that? If it is then why are students paying for printing their papers that courses require.

There should be money going into providing free of charge printers and copy machines.  This might not be a priority for administration.  There are other issues that might be higher up on a list of things to fix however, free of charge printers would be fantastic.

It’s something to consider  that little things like this help out so much and provide some relief for students. People that deal with printing causes stress to a degree.  

Papers need little to no grammar mistakes or spelling errors.  If the assignment is a creative a magazine there can’t be any glaring errors.  There’s going to be multiple printouts before the final product.

Free of charge printers and copy machines might seem unimportant but there should be money going into that because it’s important for students to be able to use to pass their classes.