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Con: Living on campus

While applying for transfer to a four-year university, students are often faced with the decision of either living on or off campus. While each option has both its pros and its cons, I believe transfer students should live off campus.

One of the biggest issues with living on campus are dorm rules. Some institutions enforce  rules such as no overnight guests, and implement a curfew. It would not make sense for adults old enough to make their own decisions to have to follow them.

Living off campus allows you the freedom you want during your college years.

Another benefit to living off campus is the ability to choose your own roommates. You are able to hop apartment to apartment and choose the home you want. With dorms, you are assigned a roommate and a designated living space.

Another disadvantage to living on campus is the fact that you rarely leave and explore outside of campus. You never get a break from school. However, when you live off campus, you are forced to leave school grounds and familiarize yourself with your surroundings.

At an age where you are mature enough to travel while still enjoying your youth, why would you want to get stuck in a building full of barely-legal freshman? While most freshman students are barely beginning their college career, you are already at least two years into your own.

I cannot imagine being stuck in a hallway full of people who have yet to experience what I already have. I would imagine they lack some of the knowledge and maturity that a junior has.

In addition, you would already be spending thousands of dollars for a dorm room so you might as well gain the independence and responsibility while doing so.

In fact, most students go apartment hunting because, typically, renting a room off campus is actually cheaper than applying for campus housing. Considering the fact that they can search for a home within their budget and split living costs with several roommates.

Aside from splitting the costs, it could potentially be cheaper to have your own place, because you are not paying for a specific meal plan on campus, which can be pricey.

Instead, you create your own budget and use it as a guide to help save money.

All in all, I personally believe if you are spending two years away from home to embark on a new journey, you might as well get the full experience of being independent.

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