Those who can teach, can do

Pierce College’s Faculty Exhibition will be open to the public at the school’s art gallery to show its featured professors for four weeks starting on Thursday, Sept. 22 and will run through Thursday, Oct. 14.

The exhibit will also be introducing artwork from the newest faculty such as Justin Dahlberg, Richard Kamimura and Patricio Gallegos. The exhibit will be showcasing the artwork to anyone who wishes to take a look. Groups of people can come at any time and they may set up appointments if they’d like to take tours of the exhibit.  

“The school hasn’t had this type of exhibit before, a welcoming for the new hires and for students and their peers,” ASO President Barbara Lombrano said.  “It will give them more insight of the professors and it will bring people together.”

The last time a faculty exhibition was open was two years ago and it was highly successful, which gives hope for this year’s success, according to Monica Del Bosque, Pierce College art gallery director and associate professor of arts.

Last year the art department had a successful event called  “One Book One Campus” dedicated to veterans. The event was very well put together and it is expected that the Faculty Exhibit will be as good and will bring in big crowds explained Del Bosque.

The school hasn’t had a type of exhibit where they use the exhibit to welcome its newest faculty.

It is currently unknown how many of Pierce College’s faculty will be participating in this event. Del Bosque is expecting a big crowd and believes that this exhibit is very important to students because it will help to not only introduce the instructors of the Art and Architecture department, but it will also show the diverse skills and resources from the departments.

“I hadn’t heard of this event before,” environmental science major Bjana Jefferson said. “It sounds interesting and I would like to go and check it out.”

Faculty will be demonstrating their artwork from their current fields so that they can stay connected with their classes. The artwork will demonstrate to students how different art can be and will give them the opportunity to learn from the people that create the featured artwork.

“The exhibit will expose students to the different types of art,” Del Bosque said.