ASO questions decrease in attendance at Pierce

ASO questions decrease in attendance at Pierce

Enrollment rates for Fall 2015 and 2016 semester was discussed in the Associated Students Organization Senate meeting on Tuesday Oct. 11.

“For Fall 2015, there were (approx.) 20,710 students who actually filled out the application for Pierce College but there were about 14,000 students who never attended or were never active,” ASO member, Zahra Yazbani said.

With such a large number of non-applicants, it raised questions about what could have been the possibility of why is there a low amount of in active students. They may have gotten accepted elsewhere or they couldn’t add the classes they wanted or they simply didn’t want to attend Pierce, according to Yazbani.

ASO will be looking into this dilemma and trying to find a solution to decrease the numbers of students that apply but don’t attend by maybe offering more classes and giving surveys to those who applied.

“We want to find out why and what we can do and what can we offer for them to come back to Pierce,” said ASO member Ashley Alexander.

According to Yazbani, there will also be a new online application that will allow students to know ahead of time how many students are enrolled in the class and if there are any available seats instead of having to go on the first week and discovering that there is no chance of being added to the class. This new application is expected to be ready next Fall, 2017.

Another idea proposed was to have a school event to show current or future drivers what can happen when texting and driving. It will be a simulation that will demonstrate the importance of traffic safety.

“It is a nationwide popular campaign event that’s going on. I’m actually from New York and Wisconsin, I’ve lived in both of those states and that’s gotten approved in both states. I’ve gone to events like that so that is very likely to get approved especially because they’re not asking for any money, ” said ASO Vice President Amir Haghi.

Additionally it was discussed having the Clothesline Project this month, an event that will help bring awareness to domestic abuse. Students will be able to write about their experience with domestic abuse and will be put on a t-shirt for students to get familiar with this recurring situation. The event will be taking place on the Mall on Oct. 26, the date is set to change.  

Approved items were the canopies, which have often been used for club rush or special events on the Mall, will be getting repaired and there was also talk of possibly getting brand new canopies if the prices were affordable. “The Garden” has been unanimously approved to have the screening, Blatigenous club was voted to receive money for seeds, and the Pre-Health Club have been approved to have their trip to San Diego University.