Pro: Online classes

I believe online classes are better than in-class teaching.

As someone who has taken quite a few courses online, I would say they definitely have their advantages.

When it comes to online learning, you’re at your own pace and you get to work on your homework whenever you want. Of course, everything has a due date, but you know where and when you’re going to have the time to get to it.

Adult life can already be tough enough as it is because some of us have full-time or part-time jobs and others have kids. Balancing having to attend a class and dealing with real life can become a handful. However, being part of an online class, you won’t have to stress about finding a sitter or being late to work. The flexibility you have managing your own schedule is a great benefit in this case.

Taking a class online is also way more comfortable. Imagine sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours in a traditional classroom and suffering from a back strain. With online courses, you can do your homework from your own bed or couch. Not only are you in comfort, but the stress of looking for parking will be eliminated as well, and we all know how tough it can be trying to get a parking spot in the lots. In addition, you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to wear the next day. If you feel like lounging in your PJ’s all day, go for it!

While taking an online class, students also receive the same amount of credits as if it were on campus. You also relieve the stress of attempting to crash a course. Campus classes are hard to find a seat in, but for online classes, you’re almost guaranteed a spot because the limit for students is much higher than those on campus.

Lastly, sometimes getting questions answered in class can be tough with a lot of other students present. Online you can have a direct conversation with your professor, where you’re able to email them a more personalized question that you probably wouldn’t have the courage to ask in a normal classroom. Professors are also more likely to respond faster since they’re online most of the time.