Con: Should schools be closed for Halloween?

Canceling classes for Halloween just so college students can stay home seems somewhat unnecessary. As a college student, missing class time to stay home and watch movies isn’t ideal.

Although this is a very celebrated holiday, there are still many people that don’t celebrate it due to religious reasons or simply because they’ve just outgrown it. Since various people don’t celebrate Halloween, they would rather just stay home and lay on their couch, which is wasted time that could be used to finish a chapter in class.

Even if a session gets cancelled, the next class meeting, the professor is usually in a rush to cover information because they could be running short on time, which typically occurs near the holidays.

Besides, Halloween is mostly for children and, as a child, what added to the fun of Halloween was actually going to school that day. I enjoyed getting the chance to see my classmates dressed up and laughing at what everyone was wearing, and it’s still pretty fun in college. You also are allowed to eat in college classrooms, meaning you can actually eat candy during lectures, while dressed in your costumes.

Another thing to consider is the fact that people don’t usually begin to celebrate until nighttime and many kids don’t go trick-or-treating until the sun begins to set.

All in all, Halloween is a day for children to dress up in funny or scary costumes and go door to door, asking for candy. A day where part of the fun is wondering what everyone will dress up as. It is not, however, a day for adults to avoid responsibility.

This holiday is neither religious nor historical, which is why I don’t see a need to cancel classes. Halloween is fun, but it shouldn’t be the reason students miss class time.