Pro: Should schools be closed for Halloween?

Halloween is like Christmas for college students. A time to let go of all the stress built up over the course of the semester and completely lose yourself in the night. The next day, you’re ready to come back to class refreshed and ready to drudge through the rest of the school year. However, this day is unfortunately cursed with the burden of responsibility. There is no vacation time allotted to students or staff during holiday.

Why is this so? Why do students not get a break during one of the country’s most celebrated holidays?

The average college Halloween party is a cesspool of debauchery and every type of depraved act known to mankind, and god bless them for that. College life is meant for making those types of memorable mistakes. Hedonism is needed every now and again to give a little spice to life.

Most of the school year is spent reading, studying and testing, with a few breaks of excess sprinkled throughout, which is why Halloween is one of those nights that needs to be experienced in excess. With so much noise and distraction going on throughout the day, do you expect anyone to be paying attention during a professor’s lecture? It simply isn’t going to happen.

Students shouldn’t have to choose between academic success and the occasional day of leisure. There should be a certain amount of time allotted to students to not have to worry about grades and test scores; it’s too much to be concerned about for months at a time. The spring semester usually has 11 days off, while fall only has four days spread sparsely around four months.

It’s a release valve for stress and constant time management and is good for a student’s mental wellbeing to relax every now and again. Besides, an additional day or two off wouldn’t be the end of the world.